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Frances Forever can spin anything into sunshine. As the project of Boston-area singer-songwriter Frances Garrett, its myriad moods can send listeners reeling into romance or off floating in existential space. Garrett balances their familiarity with extremes with an undeniable ear for melody and a gift for writing tracks that could live at home anywhere on the pop timeline. paranoia party, the project’s first EP in the wake of TikTok explosion “space girl,” rockets forward with the past half-century of radio magic in its back pocket. Atop this glitter-shocked display, Garrett spills their guts about fumbling their own power.

“space girl,” Frances Forever’s smash single, targeted TikTok and is still blasting off. The bouncy indie-pop track, which also saw a reissue with fellow rising star Chloe Moriondo, has racked up nearly forty million plays worldwide and landed Garrett on a handful of Artist to Watch lists. paranoia party further seals their fate as a breakout act, showing off Frances Forever’s mastery of vintage texture and Gen-Z attention spans in equal measure. From the doo-wop glaze of opener “depression” to the horn-flecked indietronica of “daytime,” paranoia party carves its identity from stopovers in darker, braver territory.

Frances Forever followed up their debut EP with a hook-dense new single “Certified Fool”. The song is a galvanization of their undeniable ear for melody, expert songcraft, and velvety vocal harmonies, manifesting as a timeless and energized anthem that would be equally at home on a modern pop playlist as on 80s college radio.

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Paranoia Party EP